Tune up - Chet Baker solo transcription

Everyone who is studying jazz improvisation should be aware of the importance of either transcribing solos (check out my video on transcribing a jazz solo here),


yourself or by playing through transcriptions of the great players (transcribed by others)!

In this blog, I have transcribed a solo from one of my favourite Chet Baker recordings 'Chet Baker in Milan'. I love all the solos that Chet plays on this record but for this post have decided to highlight the solo on 'Tune up', a composition by Miles Davis.

Here is the link to the video

The music shown on screen is in Bb, if you are interested in purchasing the book of Chet's solos, either in Bb, Eb, concert pitch or Bass clef - click the link here - https://www.jazzetudes.net/chet-in-milan

I hope you enjoy playing through the solo!

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