Miles Davis - 12 jazz etudes

(Digital pdf E-Book) Jazz etude book with links to free backing tracks and demo jazz etude recordings.

The book comes in concert pitch, Bb, Eb and bass clef (all contained in this book).

A must have book for any beginner/intermediate student of jazz improvisation.

Written by Darren Lloyd with the techniques that all the jazz greats use to develop their jazz vocabulary.

Melodic, fun & challenging etudes to help take your improvisation to the next level.

The book also contains a II-V chapter, created to help develop your jazz vocabulary. The book also contains a 'secret' video that only purchases of the book can see! The video contains great tips on jazz articulation, devloping jazz vocabulary using II-V phrases and also ways to improve and approach playing in an authentic jazz style!

The etudes in this book are - 


  • Airegin
  • All blues
  • Bye bye blackbird
  • Four
  • Freddie freeloader
  • Half Nelson
  • Oleo
  • So what
  • Solar
  • Someday my prince will come
  • Stella by starlight
  • Well you needn't!

12 Miles Davis jazz etudes


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