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10 Progressive jazz etudes - Volume 2


The etudes within this book are aimed at beginner, intermediate & advanced intermediate jazz students. 


The etudes in this pdf book are - All of me, Bye bye blackbird, Confrmation, Fly me to the moon, Have you met miss Jones? I hear a rhapsody, I remember you, In a mellow tone, It could happen to you & 'S Wonderful.


Each standard come with three etudes at three difficulty levels. You choose which is more appropriate for your current level and then play to the backing track of your choosing.


Again, each standard comes with three different tempo backing tracks. 125 bpm, 150 bpm & 175 bpm for the etudes . There are 90 possible combinations. 10 standards with 9 possible ways of playing them. 

10 Progressive jazz etudes - Volume 2

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