What people are saying about Jazz Etudes

'Your etudes are great'


Jarritt A Sheel - Assistant Professor, Music Education - Berklee College of Music 

Dixieland delights etude book

Joann Kerrigan BA (Hons) Music. Saxophone Player & Woodwind tutor

'Darren is a professional and highly respected Trumpeter and Musician. His Jazz etudes have such excellent content, If you’re looking at improving your jazz playing, jazz vocabulary and improvisation skills, then look no further. These are challenging without being too difficult like many transcription books, they allow you to understand and build a knowledge of jazz phrases and language. Throughly enjoyable for woodwind instruments also. '

Jazzy scales & patterns in 12 keys 

Jan Zawada - Trumpet player - Music educator 

“I’ve known Darren for some considerable time. His knowledge of composition and jazz combined with this new book of his has allowed me to find the right combination of ear training and technical workout. In parts it as difficult as the Clarke studies but in a free jazz style, the additional backing tracks provided gave me a push forwards in my creativity. You couldn’t ask for better, a superb and highly recommended publication for the aspiring jazz player” 


Dave Wilson LRSM - Music educator

‘This book is aimed at intermediate players, the exercises start out simply and progress to more difficult etudes. I would recommend this book to any person trying to become acquainted with scales, chords, and exercises to help improve jazz improvisation. Designed for students who know how to read music and want to improve their knowledge and technique playing jazz. You are strongly encouraged to learn the exercises in every key. The essential melodic and harmonic tools for jazz improvisation are all there. It is a great way to increase your knowledge of jazz improvisation and theory.’

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